Training & Education

Chatbots can help the students during the admission processes and can further be used to provide them all the necessary information about their courses, it’s modules, and faculties. The bots can also act as campus guides and help the students as they arrive at the campus

The most common use cases of chatbots in the Training & Education industry include Enhanced Student Engagement, Efficient Teaching Assistants,  Instant Help to Students, Better Student Support.

24/7 Assistance

With chatbots at your education institute, students will not have to wait to get their questions
addressed and get the knowledge they are looking for. Unlike human staff, these bots are
available 24/7.

Advanced Education

With chatbots students can engage in a conversation which is similar to having human – human conversation on any topic in academics and helps them learn quickly through innovative kinds of education through visuals of topics, speech or voice notes, videos etc

Broader reach

The bots can be trained and the messages can be scheduled to the send out notifications, results, announcements or remainders for the students. Through this more students can be reached out at a time and is also time saving.

Student Feedback

Students can share their feedback about their experience, teachers and their expectations
through this chatbots which is an amazing way to gather 360 – degree feedback.

How can AI powered bots solve your business problems?

No technical skills required

There is no technical skill set or coding language knowledge needed to build and deploy the
chatbot. Building the chatbot with HeyMojo is a very easy process.

Deployment made faster

Heymojo Chatbots come with many Pre-loaded templates which help the teacher to send them immediately and keep them going. And the bots can be deployed in just a few weeks.


Any kind of messaging channels can be integrated through Heymojo Chatbots so that teachers can send notifications to the students through any kind of channels they access.

Innovative Machine Learning

HeyMojo’s high-end chatbots are equipped with innovative and advanced machines learning
interaction which keeps getting better with time. Using the previous conversations, the bots can be trained to go ahead with steered conversations.

Benefits of building your bot
with Heymojo