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Manufacturing industry that has been constantly struggling with communications has found a solution. This sector is ruled by assembly lines, distributors, wholesalers, and designers. To connect people and build interaction, manufacturers have fast adopted chatbots.

The most common use cases of chatbots in the Manufacturing industry include supply and inventory management, vendor interaction, order fulfillment and delivery etc.

How can AI powered bots solve your business problems?
Benefits of AI powered bots



Embed chatbots on all of your digital channels in 15 minutes.


Human Involvement

Simplify the supply chain process using a virtual agent. 



Inform your distributors whenever the product is in stock

Automatic Tagging

Classify stakeholders into Supplier, Distributor and more.

System Integration

Use Zapier to integrate the bot on all your internal channels.

Insights and Analysis

Take data-driven decisions using our advanced analytics.

Grow your business with A.I. powered bots

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