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Manufacturing industry that has been constantly struggling with communications has found a solution. This sector is ruled by assembly lines, distributors, wholesalers, and designers. To connect people and build interaction, manufacturers have fast adopted chatbots.

The most common use cases of chatbots in the Manufacturing industry include supply and inventory management, vendor interaction, order fulfillment and delivery etc.

How can AI powered bots solve your business problems?

Supply and Inventory Management

Apart from being 24*7 customer support, the supply and inventory management is also integrated in the bot which saves a lot of manual time and energy. From the task of displaying the complete supplying products and displaying the details of it to the supervision of non-capitalized assets, or inventory, and stock items. Inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these to sale point.

Vendor Interaction

An advanced chatbot can interact with the vendor managers and suppliers without any human assistance or human interference. Chatbots can deal with and take care of low-value transactions with utmost proficiency. When a user would ask a bot to make a purchase or assist with any purchase, it will ensure that its taken up with utmost care.

Order Fulfilment and Delivery

Heymojo's Chatbot can backorder allocation and goes in and checks your inventory and allocates inventory as it becomes available. All the online sales channels which are integrated with our Chatbot will have shipping notification notices and tracking numbers which are updated automatically when an order status is updated to shipped. Also, the label is generated at this time.

Benefits of AI powered bots



Embed chatbots on all of your digital channels in 15 minutes.


Human Involvement

Simplify the supply chain process using a virtual agent. 



Inform your distributors whenever the product is in stock

Automatic Tagging

Classify stakeholders into Supplier, Distributor and more.

System Integration

Use Zapier to integrate the bot on all your internal channels.

Insights and Analysis

Take data-driven decisions using our advanced analytics.