Chatbots have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by offering 24/7 help-desk support and personalized experience to patients which is the major challenge for healthcare providers. Chatbots can help patients to get quick answers to their health-related questions among many other use cases.

The most common use cases of chatbots in the  Medical industry include Scheduling Doctor’s Appointment, 24/7 Support to Patients, Billing and Registration, Medication Reminders to Patients.

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Hospital Reception Assistance

An AI powered chatbot can smoothly act as a Hospital administrator. The common day to day activities of the receptionist are - Checking doctor availability, scheduling appointments and answering typical questions. This is a repetitive task; bots are built to automate tasks such as this. It can also be used to remind the patient of the upcoming appointment and even follow ups in some cases.

Prescription Drug Information

Patients do spend a lot of time online researching the medication they’ve been prescribed by the doctors hence, Chatbots today are also used by the pharmaceutical companies across the world to answer common medication questions such as recommended dosages, side-effects, composition, drug interactions, and much more.

Billing & Registration

Hospitals and clinics can use backend integrated chatbots for billing, inventory management systems. An ecosystem of chatbots consisting of Health insurance providers and hospitals also make insurance claims quicker and can also answer common questions related to coverage, claims, and procedures.

Healthcare Consultant

Every individual is concerned about his health, he or she may have many questions, both major and minor, concerning their health condition. Chatbots are being implemented as a healthcare consultant whom every person can carry around in his or her pocket. As Google does not seem to be working, a healthcare chatbot comes very handy particularly for people living with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, or HIV/AIDS etc.

Patient Engagement and Lead Generation

Hospitals and Medicals like any other industry can use chatbots in their marketing efforts particularly for brand awareness and lead generation. Chatbots are being marketed as a symptom questionnaires tool to prospective patients. The bot then delivers personalized information to the prospect based on their response and also invites them to come in for a check-up.

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