Entertainment and Media

AI powered chatbots are penetrating into every type of industry and have begun disrupting various sales, marketing & operational activities. It has changed how customers interact with businesses for their needs.


“According to SalesForce, 77% of consumers believe chatbots are already transforming or will transform their expectations of companies within 5 years”. Today, these programs are being used in a variety of industries, but the media and entertainment sector tops the list.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

The simple & quick integration of bots with social media platforms results in better consumer engagement and increases the Click-through rate (CTR) dramatically. Even when deployed as a widget on the website, the bot lures the attention of the consumer and does the two most important activities of the sales cycle - Lead Generation & Lead Qualification just by having an intelligent conversation with them.

Straighforward Browsing

Have you ever checked the websites of news or media agencies? Have you noticed there is one thing common in all of them? It is extremely hard to navigate them and they look something like the image shown here. Bots save users from the pain of navigating through poorly designed websites or downloading a separate app to browse and discover content. The user can simply ask for the content he seeks to read or watch. As much as it is important to offer a good product or service, it is equally crucial to focus on the user journey to reach the product or service.

Global Broadcasting

Bots enable the media and entertainment companies with huge user base to broadcast their content globally. They also send personalized content and improve the entertainment experience for the audience.

Personalized Content

One the user has provided with his preferences, the bot can predict their interests and send them personalized content like news alerts, event updates, movie recommendations etc. A bot can also control the content delivery to its consumers. It is an important feature to avoid content dumping and only read and watch what they are interested in.

Event Registration

Customers can use the AI powered Chatbots to look and book events like, parties, movie shows, plays, conferences, & tours etc by preference, location, dates, price etc. For the organizers end, bots can even help keep track of ticket booking.

Advertising & Promotion

Another unique application of chatbots in the Media and Entertainment industry is advertising and promotions. Bots can be leveraged as an core part of a promotional campaign for a concert, book launch, movie release, or even an upcoming TV show.

How can AI powered bots solve your business problems?