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Buying insurance is a crucial decision for any buyer. The customer desire proper data to back up their decision and the best possible purchasing experience to ensure they get what they want when they want it. These expectations can be fulfilled using an insurance chatbot

The most common use cases of chatbots in the Insurance Sector include Lead Profiling and Conversion, 24/7 Customer support, Claim processing and payment assistance, Customer experience and feedback.

How can AI powered bots solve your business problems?
Benefits of Heymojo bots



Embed chatbots on all of your digital channels in 15 minutes.

Minimize Human Involvement

Deliver more personalized itinerary with every interaction.

No technical 

skills required

Use ready-made templates to empower your business with a bot.

Automatic Tagging

Filter buyers from window shoppers by tagging chats.

System Integration

Use Zapier to integrate the bot on all your internal channels.

Insights and Analysis

Take data-driven decisions using our advanced analytics.

Grow your business with A.I. powered bots

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