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Hotels & Resorts

Increase direct bookings up to 30%

So that you can improve profit margins

Supercharge hotel sales with HeyMojo's room booking chatbots that are designed to boost direct online bookings on the website and social media channels.

Benefits & Features

Drive Direct Bookings

Improve the customer journey with easy to understand interface

Prompt Answers to FAQs

Answer queries related to the hotel room, bookings, hotel amenities, discounts & promotions 

Multi-property setup

A single chatbot to handle all the properties 


Supports over 10 popular languages


Engage over Website, Social Media, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, Emails, Embed in Mobile Apps

API Integrations

Connect with Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and CRM

Real Estate

Handle Queries Promptly

HeyMojo chatbots are pre-programmed to understand most of the guest queries to promptly answer about hotel facilities, promotions, amenities, activities, policies, rooms, food and beverage, facilities, etc. Let the chatbot do the grunt work while your reservations team focus on filling in the rooms

Gather Guest Information

Gather guest contact information with just single tap! HeyMojo chatbot makes it easy for guests to stay connected by via website, WhatsApp, SMS, langing pages, mobile apps, etc.

Improved Customer Support

Typically all requests like room service, ordering food to the room or amenities related queries are placed on a call by the guests. You can level up your customer service by leveraging the power of Intelligent chatbots. You guests can get all there queries answered just by messaging.

Get Direct Bookings

Our chatbot can send automated coupon codes and special offers to bring guests back to your hotel. With 80% open rates and 20% CTR, no other platform performs better.

Remove Language Barriers

Your hotel may get visitors from all across the globe. It is important that each guest irrespective of the nationality feels welcome and is also able to interact with the staff to have a pleasant time. Although your staff may not be able to speak the language your guests does, an AI powered chatbot can understand the customer's concern and convey the same to you.

Why your Reservations team will love HeyMojo?

European Plan

Free! No Credit Card Needed

  • Chatbot for website and Facebook

  • Live chat

  • Up to 1,000 chats per month

  • Talk to the chatbot

  • 30+ languages

  • Auto suggestions 

  • Booking assistance (requires integration)

  • Templates for better chats

  • Automate 50 topics

  • Seamless handover to human

  • Training for unanswered queries

  • Customer insights

  • 3-user login

  • Email support

Continental Plan

Starting $49/month

  • European Plan +

  • Up to 5,000 chats per month

  • Multi-property chatbot

  • Automate 200 topics

  • White-labelled chatbot

  • 7-user login

  • Premium support

American Plan

Starting $89/month

  • Continental Plan +

  • Unlimited chats per month

  • Automate 500 topics

  • 20-user login

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