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Hotels & Suites

Chatbots can help hotels in a number of areas, including time management, guest services and cost reduction. They can assist guests with elementary questions and requests. Thus, freeing up hotel staff to devote more of their time and attention to time-sensitive, critical, and complicated tasks.

The most common use cases of chatbots in the Hotel Industry include improved customer support, handling reservations and bookings, Removing Language barriers etc.

Real Estate

Handle Reservations and Bookings

Like all real estate companies use chatbots to schedule house tours, like all restaurants using bots to handle table reservations and like all clinics using bots to automate appointments, Hotels must also use bots to handle room reservations and bookings.

Gather Customer Information

Gather customers contact information with just single tap! HeyMojo chatbot makes it
easy for customers to stay connected by chatbots, Messenger, phone, and email.

Improved Customer Support

Typically all requests like room service, ordering food to the room or amenities related queries are placed on a call by the guests. You can level up your customer service by leveraging the power of Intelligent chatbots. You guests can get all there queries answered just by messaging.

Send Coupon Codes

Bot can send automated customers coupons and special offers to bring them back to
your store. With 80% open rates and 20% CTR, no platform performs better.

Removing Language Barriers

Your hotel may get visitors from all across the globe. It is important that each guest irrespective of the nationality feels welcome and is also able to interact with the staff to have a pleasant time. Although your staff may not be able to speak the language your guests does, an AI powered chatbot can understand the customer's concern and convey the same to you.

How can AI powered bots solve your business problems?
Benefits of Heymojo bots

User Friendly Application

Improve the customer journey with easy to understand interface

No technical

skills required

Use ready-made templates to empower your business with a bot.



Filter buyers from window shoppers by tagging chats.

Easy Deployment

Embed chatbots on all of your digital channels in 15 minutes.

Insights and Analysis

Take data-driven decisions using our advanced analytics.

System Integration

Use Zapier to integrate the bot on all your internal channels.

Grow your business with A.I. powered bots

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Request a demo chatbot and we will give you a free preview of how you can grow your business using chatbots.


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