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Chatbots for hotels

Drive Zero Commission Bookings

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Best NLP engine in the industry, period.

Natural Language Processing

Did you mean logic

Give your guests the option to choose form multiple queries when they a enter a keyword.

Understands long queries

Our chatbots can understand not just keywords but also long sentences.

Auto responses without training

All chatbots are ready to answer any queries related to time/locations/distance of your hotel without any training. 

Auto bot creation in 15 minutes

Our hotel chatbot creator can automatically create your hotel’s chatbot which can answer most queries.

Boost your hotel’s marketing and sales

Convert your passive facebook followers to paying customers using a chatbot.

Users interact on your hotel facebook page’s posts.

Post interaction leads the user to Facebook Messenger

User is converted to a lead inside the Messenger chatbot

Upsell and increase revenue

Send promotions, offers and upgrades to your Messenger leads anytime

Room cleaning, maintenance, requesting bed & bath extras.

Room services

Online check-in/check-out, chat with staff, wake up call.

Front desk

Guests can call a taxi or a limousine from your hotel.


Guests can book a table or order food directly on the chatbot.


Entice customers to try different packages or extras.

Package upgrades

Invite guests to add a spa package to their stay.

Spa services

Heymojo Advantage

Partner with us to beat OTAs at their own game

Zero commission

Take direct bookings from contest leads on your Messenger chatbot powered by industry’s best A.I.

Guest data is yours

We will give you the guest data that OTAs won't. You can always e-target guests and promote your offers later.

Receive more direct bookings

Take direct bookings on your chatbot to combat OTA commissions and low conversion rates.

Room availability is pulled directly from channel manager integration.

Room availibity

Guests can book rooms directly on chatbot. Save on OTA commisions.

Book a room

Guests can check prices pulled from channel manager integration.

Check prices

Accept payments directly in the chatbot with popular payment gateways.

Payment integrations


Our chatbots have support for all popular global languages. Guests can choose to interact in a language of their choice.


Handle all your properties with just one chatbot. Guests can ask queries related to individual properties.

Case Study

The Stately Suites success story

We increased their direct bookings through website chatbot and improved guest experience by proactively engaging them.

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