Score. Qualify. Convert.

Our lead scoring system qualifies your inbound leads to significantly improve lead quality.

How do we do it?



Converts visitors into customers by engaging them in a conversation rather than filling out boring forms.

Gives every lead a score out of 10, quantifying the lead quality.


Generating leads doesn’t hold much value if they aren’t qualified.

Why Heymojo?

Lead Generation

Use our pre-built templates to increase lead generation through personalized messaging. Our industry known lead scoring system allows you to qualify and score leads; making sure every dollar in your advertising budget is spent the right way by engaging every single user. Leads are collected even when your sales representatives are asleep or on vacation - making sure you never miss out on a lead.

Customer Service

Are you frustrated with the costs associated with providing streamlined customer service? HeyMojo bots automate 70% of your conversations with the help of fast & accurate AI. Delight your customers with highly interactive templates, gifs, and quick responses - giving them a conversational experience that they will value.

Conversational Landing Page = Higher Conversions

According to LinkedIn, 81% of tech buyers don't fill forms when they encounter gated content. Using conversational marketing tools Chatbots can help you increase your conversion rate drastically

The Problem

More than 90% of your ad click prospects are dropping out from your static landing page without converting.

The Solution