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Improve your ROI using marketing innovation powered by A.I.

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Incredibly powerful marketing features

Reach out to your customers in ways not possible before.

Acquire leads

Convert users who interact with your facebook posts to leads and keep them engaged via Messenger.


Keep your customers actively engaged through contests playable in messenger and build subscription lists.

Re-engage customers

Send personalized messages to the customers who have forgotten you and rekindle their interest in your products.

Collect feedback

After guests check out, send feedback surveys along with incentives to recieve brand satisfaction feedback.

Customer referrals

Give incentives your customers for sharing your product with their friends and family. Increase your organic growth!

Promotions & offers

Delight your most frequent customers or your biggest spenders with exclusive coupons, promo codes, or offers.

Get more users with built-in referral marketing.

Referral marketing

‘User A’ shares an offer with friends in Messenger to earn an incentive.

Friends of ‘User A’ signs up for the offer in Messenger.

‘User A’ gets the discount code when requisite number of friends sign-up


Boost your restaurant's marketing and sales

Convert your passive facebook followers to paying customers using a chatbot.

Users interact on your restaurant's facebook page’s posts.

Post interaction leads the user to Facebook Messenger

User is converted to a lead inside the Messenger chatbot

Re-target your existing


Keep your customers informed about latest offers and promotions. Send only relevant content by re-targeting existing customers based on their interests.

Build cost effective customer loyalty.

Engage with your customers regularly with interactive and fun marketing campaigns which results in a better brand recall value.

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