For our customers who would like to put their brand on the bots too.


API and Developer tools, Integrations and Custom Development

Customer Support

Receive a dedicated account manager assigned to your account.

Account Manager

For your industry and use-cases: Real Estate, Hotels, Insurance etc

Pre-made Templates

The dashboard currently supports over ten international languages.


Messenger bot, Website bot, and Conversational Landing page

24/7 Support

Conversational landing pages for lead generation.

Landing Pages

Connect with a large database of users directly through one of the most used application in the world.

WhatsApp Integration

Save time sorting through leads by only receiving qualified leads

Lead Scoring

Payment Gateways

Receive an Unlimited number of broadcasts and sequences.


Multiple tools including Facebook Comments tool, Facebook Ads JSON

Growth Tools

Arm your bots with....

Zapier Integrations

Assistance with Facebook Ads to drive subscribers to your bot

FB Ads Setup

Benefits of Using our Chatbot

Digital worlds demand is Chatbot, which boosts customer interface/interaction and provides the best domain support

It provides supreme control and transparency during the operation phase

It can be scaled quickly allowing an individual to be the change

Our interface is easy to use which can be programmed to perform tasks automatically

Our chat bots have a very high adoption rate and quite easy to build with relatively competitive pricing

It supports multi-lingual languages and with more of human centric approach

Our chat bots have automated communications and workflows with high privacy standards

Better results are produced as the bots also helps in improvising the mobile marketing

Higher rates of customer retention as chatbots offer personalized interactions with customers

As our chat bots use realistic and friendly language it makes interaction with users very efficient

Our Chat bots are the best solution to conversational marketing. It can boost ROI by 2 to 3 folds, decrease cost per acquisition to half, and even qualify the leads at the time of lead generation

Grow your business with A.I. powered bots

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Request a demo chatbot and we will give you a free preview of how you can grow your business using chatbots.


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